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In the sixty years following the enforcement of the Indian Constitution not only has India's population been more than doubled but also the number of litigations before the courts has greatly increased. As the pendency in the Courts increased, Government's attention was drawn to this aspect concerning delay in justice, huge backlog and prolonged litigation. Ways and means to relieve the Courts of the case load began to engage the attention of the Government.

In 1969, a Committee was set up by the Central Government under the Chairmanship of Mr. Justice Shah of the Supreme Court to make recommendations suggesting ways and means for effective,
expeditious and satisfactory disposal of matters relating to service disputes of Government servants as it was found that a sizeable portion of pending litigations related to this category.

The Shah committee recommended the setting up of Independant Tribunals to handle only service matters. While this report was still engaging the attention of the Central Government, the Administrative Reforms Commission also took note of the situation and recommended the setting up Civil Services Tribunals to deal with appeals of Government servants. In may 1976, a conference of Chief Secretaries of the States discussed this problem and the State Government decided to enact an Act for this purpose.

The Rajasthan Civil Services Appellate Tribunal has been established on 1st July, 1976 under the Rajasthan Civil Services (Service Matters Appellate Tribunal) Act, 1976 for the adjudication of disputes and complaints with respect to service matters and matters incidental thereto of Government servants.

It has been expected that the setting up of the Tribunal to deal exclusively with service matters would go a long way in not only reducing the burden of various courts especially the High Court and thereby give more time to deal with other cases expeditiously but would also provide persons covered by the Act speedy relief in respect of their grievances such as pension, pay fixation and promotion etc. The Tribunal has been striving hard to achieve the objective setforth for it in the Act.
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